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Once again it's time to reveal the latest trivial, retarded and remedial excretions of that brainwashed, narrow-minded and severely underdeveloped little man Stewart Home. This ego-maniac has been circulating yet more disinformation about both himself and the Green Action Network. This sick and pathetic creature recently distributed a sheet full of lies which was designed to make it look like GA was spreading smears about him. However, we know for a fact that Home has no connections with Special Branch or Searchlight and is actually the Grand Master of the Illuminati!

For the past ten years, starting with the story Anarchist published in the underground magazine Smile, Home has been claiming that libertarians are incapable of organising a piss-up in a brewery. This culminated in a vicious attack on anarchists in the liberal Independent newspaper last October, which carried the subtitle 'the tabloids loathe them, but anarchists are too busy arguing with each other to riot.' Home has persistently smeared anarchist and green groups by claiming that we are NOT involved in rioting or terrorist activities, thereby ruining our street credibility. Worse still, Home spreads lies about members of GA not having a sense of humour and being self-righteous. Some radical! He has also ridiculed the research of our fearsome intelligence department as paranoid fantasies designed to bolster our sense of self-importance. Even worse, Home failed to become upset or lose his sense of humour when Paul Rogers referred to him as Howard Clark in the pamphlet Green Anarchism: Its Origins and Influences. More sinister yet, Home has uncovered the true membership figures of GA and has destroyed the credibility of the organisation by revealing that there are only six of us.

We can now reveal that Home, whose mother is the Whore of Babylon, is an animal abuser of the worst type. He chains up his girlfriends, then makes them crawl around his feet like dogs. After shagging them, he throws them out of his country mansion and they are left with no choice but to walk the eight miles to the nearest bus stop. Home has regular sex sessions with his Pit Bull Terrier. He often visits the Scottish Highlands to abuse sheep, while one of his party tricks is cutting the heads off chickens and then shagging the decapitated birds in the neck. This sick little prat is fat, smells of mothballs and bathes in the blood of teenage virgins. He also eats babies.

Home attacks right-wing greens and anarchists under a bewildering variety of pen names. Hiding behind the pseudonym Murray Bookchin, Home wrote in his book Which Way For the Ecology Movement? (AK Press 1994): 'biocentrism was extremely fashionable in the Third Reich among Heinrich Himmler's crowd, which did not interfere with his operations as the administrator of death camps like Auschwitz... nature-mysticism permeated the thinking and avowals of the most murderous of the Nazi leaders... Biocentrism appears in several pages of Mein Kampf... That the young Wandervögel, members of a romantic "nature" youth movement early in this century that celebrated freedom from civilisation and closeness to the earth, drifted in large number into the Nazi movement, should warn us that reverence for Nature may often exclude respect for human beings.'

In a similar vein, Home criticises GA for opposing analytical thought. Obviously, our programme of technological regression would be pointless if individuals retained their capacity to think, and thus the ability to reinvent everything we oppose. Home might claim that a logical consequence of our anti-thought position is an incoherent and contradictory programme, but such criticisms make no sense to us. Likewise, we do not accept Home's slander that what holds our ideology together is moralism, since he would inevitably win the argument if we allowed ourselves to be tricked into thinking about these issues. It should go without saying that one of the first forms of abstraction to be abolished under our rule will be the ability to count. It necessarily follows from this that we cannot accept the claim that the logical implication of putting our ideology into practice is a massive reduction in the size of the population. We refuse to think about these things because to do so is to fall into a trap set by City Dwellers whose souls have been corrupted by civilisation.






Dear Freedom

With regard to Peter Wilkinson's letter (10th June 1995), it seems this individual has an axe to grind because he quite erroneously suggests that I wrote the letter to you about Marinetti and Debord signed 'K. Eliot' (13 May 1995). I am sick of people attributing texts to me, some of which even conclude with my name, when it is quite obvious that I did not write them. If Peter Wilkinson and his 'friend' Michel Prigent were familiar enough with my views on art, the avant-garde and the Situationists to be able to criticise them, they would have known that I did not write the letter signed 'K. Eliot.' For example, 'K. Eliot' ('a name that can be used by anybody') suggested that the Situationist International is the last avant-garde, a view with which I strongly disagree. However, 'K. Eliot' is quite right to question Prigent's allegation that Debord was suffering from alcoholic polyneuritis (11th February 1995), since it does not explain why he committed suicide. Although this condition is painful, I have been assured by a nurse that it is easily cured by a series of vitamin injections. Likewise, Peter Wilkinson writing under the pen name Peter Freeman in the pamphlet Apathy & Its Cure, claimed that 'to act effectively, one must understand the terrain in which one acts.' It is a shame Wilkinson did not take his own advice seriously, since he clearly knows very little about me or my activities. In this ironic fashion, Wilkinson's 'thought' has been reaffirmed fifteen years on, remembered solely due to the foolishness of its author rather than because there was any merit in what he had to say.

I was amused by the account Richard Essex gave of Prigent failing to realise that an article in Authority No. 2 was satirical (10th June 1995), since it reminded me of Prigent's furious response to a spoof manifesto put out by the Calderwood 15 replete with references to the 'glistening commodity' and jokes about Lenin not existing! My views on Debord are not dissimilar to those of Richard Essex, I take what is useful from his work while recognising the practical necessity of confronting Debord's many failings. If such a stand appears harsh to liberal humanists, this is because they do not understand why it is tactically necessary. As the surrealist André Breton stated in his Conversations: 'Historically, it was inevitable that we should oppose Symbolism, but the critics didn't have to follow in our footsteps. It was their task to find the 'driving belt' linking the two movements and put it back in place.'

I enclose with this a copy of my article on anarchism from the Independent of 25/10/94 and the first two issues of the Neoist Alliance newsletter. If there is space, it would be useful if you reprinted the Independent article because a great deal of rubbish has been written about it, and it is clearly these smears, and not the article itself, to which Prigent is alluding (27th May 1995). I think many anarchists who have not yet read this piece will be very pleasantly surprised by its contents. While I do not consider myself to be an anarchist, you can see from the Independent article that I know a lot more about the movement than most of those who have written on the subject in the daily press. Likewise, I included the addresses of organisations such as Class War, the Solidarity Federation, ACF and Green Anarchist in my piece, not something you'd normally expect to find in a national newspaper article about anarchism!

I would also like to make it clear that contrary to the lies being spread by various wannabe 'investigative' journalists and would-be 'revolutionaries,' I do NOT believe that green and animal rights activists are involved in 'terrorist' activity and I have no interest in so called 'green guerrilla spotting.' However, I do have a number of criticisms to make of the ideologies embraced by some green and animal rights activists, and am very pleased to note the firm line Aufheben take on this matter in issue 4 of their magazine. Aufheben state that: 'If 'over population' by human beings is seen as the problem, the solution might be to call for the annihilation of 99.99% of the human race to return the other 0.01% to the state of nature, a rather problematic conclusion for someone who is supposed to be on the side of the human race against Leviathan: for, after all, who will decide who should make up the privileged 0.01%?' Aufheben are dealing specifically with Fredy Perlman but their criticisms apply to a wider strand of primitivist 'thought' within the green and anarchist movements.

Finally, it will no doubt interest some of your readers to know that the Department of French Studies at Manchester University is organising a conference entitled The Hacienda Must Be Built: On The Legacy Of Situationist Revolt. I understand that the conference will take place at the Hacienda night club in Manchester on 27th January. However, since this information is not contained on the leaflet I've received, I suggest anyone who is interested ought to contact the organisers Dr. Gavin Bowd and Andrew Hussey at Manchester University to confirm these details. The initial publicity also contains a 'call for papers' and I'm sure there are a number of Freedom subscribers with strong views on the subject who would like to contribute something.

Yours sincerely, Stewart Home


Unfortunately, Freedom were tricked into publishing offensive letters from the famous footballer Luther Blissett and Richard Essex of Unpopular Books in their issue of 10/6/95, after Neoist stooge Michel Prigent pretended to attack Home on the letters page of the previous issue. Clearly, Peter Wilkinson is also a Neoist asset and Aufheben are reds!

Leaflet circulated August 1995, a response to an anonymous and baseless leaflet insinuating Stewart Home was working for British intelligence.

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Stewart Home in Brighton hotel
Stewart Home 'sordid'? Home calls his allegedly healing practices "nude swingers' punk yoga", we say they are a form of sexual perversion! Among the transgressions this anti-guru indulges at his 'personal development sessions' are "nude twister with olive oil"! We rest our case.

Stewart Home photo from eighties
Shocking photograph of Home wasting natural resources! As part of his 'night club' act of the 1980s he deliberately spilt water when pouring it into a glass!

The Green Apocalypse section
These texts were first publicly circulated as a double-sided A4 flyer and were subsequently reproduced in the documents section of "The Green Apocalypse".