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A unique mixture of recited prose, stand up and philosophy which I’ve been touring since 1993. Check the home page of this site and archive news pages for information about live 'art' and other activities since mid-2005. This page is for archival use and it is possible it will never be updated. Selected dates only:

●Walk/Street Action followed by performance/reading at Footdee Bar, organised through Peacock Art Centre, Aberdeen, 21/6/05.
●University of York 13/6/05.
●Projectile Festival, Newcastle Upon Tyne 12/2/05.
●Port Eliot Literary Festival, Cornwall 31/7/04.
●Clerkenwell Literary Festival, London 10/7/04.
●Lunch Reading: Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne 11/5/04.
●Vox N Roll Club at The Garage, London 18/3/04.
●Finnish Mini-Tour 2004: Modern Art Museum Helsinki 6/2/04 and Tampere Literary Festival (two performances) 7/2/ 04.
●Horse Hospital, London 24/3/03.
●Hull Literary Festival Red Gallery 18/11/02.
●Edinburgh International Book Festival 23/8/02.
●Liverpool Biennial A Convention section at Adelphi Hotel 2002.
●Stewart Home/John Williams at Arnofini, Bristol 22/5/01.
●Central European Mini-Tour 2001 taking in Paranoia City Zurich 27/6/01, Hafeneck Mainz 28/6/01, Schilleroper Hamburg 1/7/01 and Kaffee Burger Berlin 2/7/01.
●King Mob Conway Hall, London 15/2/00.
●Bath Literary Festival Ustinov Studio 18/2/98.
●London Voices with Iain Sinclair Arnofini, Bristol 21/1/98.
●Readings in the Bar Launch ICA 28/6/97.
●Italian Mini-Tour March 1997 taking in 57th Level Bologna 2/3/97, San Georgio Theatre Undine 5/3/97, and Bookshop Florence 9/3/97.
●Club Spartacus at The Garage, London 14/8/96.
●Du Tongues, Brighton 25/7/96.
●Word Bombs, Oval Theatre, London 11/5/96.
●A Decade 0f Hell with Patricia Duncker, Neil Bartlett and Lynne Tillman, ICA London 18/3/96.
●Central European Tour 1995 taking in Kanzleiturnhalle Zurich 22/11/95; Aare 23/11/95: Munchen 26/11/95; Club Voltaire Tubingen 27/11/95; Augsburg 28/11/95; Ludwigsburg 29/11/95; Nurnberg 30/11/95; Frankfurt 1/12/95; Kiel 2/3/95; JIB Club Munster 3/12/95; Golden Pudel Club Hamburg 4/12/95; Roten Salon Berlin 5/12/95; Vienna 6/12/95; and Deutsches Schauspielhaus (Kantine) Hamburg 9/12/95..
●Du Tongues Brighton 28/6/95.
●Finnish Mini-Tour 1995 taking in Mukkula Literary Festival Lahti 18/6/95: Appelsiini Turku 20/6/95; I-Klubi Tampere 21/6/95; and Semifinal Club Helsinki 22/6/95.
●Rapid Eye Event with Andre Stitt & Alan Moore Liverpool Tate 25/5/95.
●North American Tour 1995 beginning with two nights in January at The Knitting Factory in New York, then taking in various venues including Slim’s Nightclub and City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, 1201 Club in Portland 24/1/95; Reading Frenzy followed by Rexall Rose in Portland 25/1/95; Vancouver 27/1/95; Signature Bound Books in Seattle 29/1/95: Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles; and Museum of Death in San Diego.
●Subversion in the Street of Shame, Bridewell Theatre, London 14 July 1994. This was a Disobey special three day literary event (14-16 July), I was also the most regular spoken word performer at the Disobey Club nights at The Garage in Holloway, north London during the mid-nineties.
●St Vincent’s Church Glasgow as part of (Architects) Winterschool 6/1/94.
●Conspiracy Club Dean Street London, regular appearances in 1993-4.
●London 2000: Orbital Readings ICA London with Michael Bracewell, Esther Freud, Martin Millar and Russell Celyn Jones 23/2/93.
●The Richmond (support to rock band Huggy Bear) Brighton 14/2/93. I also appeared as support act to many rock bands in and around London including Blaggers ITA and The Auteurs throughout the remainder of the nineties.


Check the home page of this site and archive news pages for information about live 'art' and other activities since mid-2005. This page is for archival use and it is possible it will never be updated. Selected dates only:

●Rock My Religion panel discussion, Festival Hall, South Bank London 26/6/05.
● Becoming (M)other University of Wales, Cardiff 4/5/05.
●Copyright/Anti-Copyright as part of ‘Ways of Working’ Arts Council symposium at Westminster Universtiy 5/3/05.
●Art & Revolution as part of Projectile Festival, Newcastle Upon Tyne 12/2/05.
Pornographic Coding (pdf) with Florian Cramer during ‘Crash Symposium, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, 11/2/05.
●Taking Culture with a Pinch of Salt University of the West of England, Bristol 9/2/05.
DIAS to Punk panel talk with Gustav Metzger, Andrew Wilson, Barry Miles, John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, October Gallery, London, 20/11/04.
●Improvising the Death of Art Royal College of Art. London 18/11/04.
●Living Death & Art University of Plymouth, Exeter Art School 8/11/04.
●Becoming (M)other Cube, Bristol 04/11/04.
●Art, Life & Living Death University of Newcastle, 21/10/04.
●Becoming (M)other Side Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne
●Punk Panel with Malcolm McLaren etc, as part of ‘Punk Conference’ Kassel, Germany 26/9/04.
●Brazilian Mini Tour 2004 starting with Vegetarianism British Brazilian Centre, Sao Paulo 4/6/04; 1001 Ways to Restage the Death of the Avant-Garde Bela Cintra, Sao Paulo 7/6/04; and 2002 Ways to Restage the Death of the Avant-Garde Instituto de Artes da Uerj, Rio 9/6/04.. Tour funded by the British Council.
●Art What Is It Good For? Dartington College of Arts, Totnes 29/5/04 (with film screening day before).
●1001 Ways to Restage the Death of the Avant-Garde, Federation Hall, Southbank, Australia 12/05/04.
●1001 Ways to Restage the Death of the Avant-Garde Cube Microplex, Bristol 19/4/04 (with film screenings).
●Spanish Tour 2004: MACBA Barcelona 26/1/04; Facultad de Bellas Artes de Valencia followed by Sahiri Bookshop Valencia 27/1/04; La Casa Encendida, Madrid 28/1/04; Facultad de Bellas Artes de Bilbao followed by La Likiniano Bookshop Bilbao 29/1/04; El Espacio Tangente, Burgos 30/1/04; La Hamsa Barcelona 31/1/04.
●Critical Forum - Art, Money, Parties? Tate Liverpool 9/11/02.
A Journey to the Far Side of Solipsism Lighthouse, Wolverhampton on final day of academic conference No Future? Punk Rock 2001 23/9/01.
●Art Futures? as a part of Work, Rest, Play conference to mark end of Arts Council ‘Year of the Artist’ promotion at John Moores University, Liverpool 21/6/01.
Adventures in Independent Mind Control Fortean Times Unconvention at Commonwealth Institute, London 29/4/00.
●The Eclipse & Re-Emergence Of The Commodity Form Ruskin College, Oxford 4/3/97.
●On the Legacy of Situationist Revolt, Hacienda, Manchester 28/12/96.
●Street Fictions conference organized by Du Tongues and Sussex University, Brighton (followed by performance) 16/5/98.
How Avant-Bard Satire Blisters the Cheeks of the Aparatchiki at Public Netbase, Vienna 29/4/98.
●The Avant-Garde of Banalisation Artists Television Access, San Francisco 10/2/95.
●Fluxcontinuum: the influence of Fluxus on later movements Tate Gallery, London 28/4/94.
●Strategies of Writing Southampton Institute 11/4/94.
●Demolish Serious Culture Ramshorn, Glasgow as part of (Architects) Winterschool 4/1/94.
●The Avant-Garde & Fictional Excess Trinity College, Cambridge 27/11/93.
Assessing the Art Strike Victoria & Albert Museum 30/1/93.
●Art Strike ICA London December 1989.
●Aesthetics & Resistance: totality reconsidered contribution to panel talk during Situationist exhibition ICA, London 24/6/89.
●Oppositional Culture & Cultural Opposition Glasgow Free University 25/3/88.


These were ongoing activities from 1982 to 1986 often connected to either the mail art network or the neoist movement. Many actions were also performed as a support act to rock groups at venues such as The Starlight in West Hampstead. This is a selected listing:

●Rubber Stamp Action Basement Café Tate Gallery London 30/7/86.
●Water Symphony and other events 9th Neoist Festival, Arte Studio, Ponte Nossa 1-7 June 1985,
●Smile The Swan, Kingston, Surrey 17/12/84.
●Smile Silks Nightclub, Thatcham, Berks 24/10/84
●Smile/Frown, Circle Line Demonstration & Bridge Action during 8th International Neoist Apartment Festival London 21-26 may 1984.
●Sons of Dada/Evening Falls Club London 1982-4 regular appearances.


Check the home page of this site and archive news pages for information about live 'art' and other activities since mid-2005. This page is for archival use and it is possible it will never be updated.

Becoming (M)other collaborative work with Chris Dorley Brown at T1/2 Artspace (London December-January 2004/5)
Vermeer II, workfortheeyetodo (London July-September 1996).
Humanity in Ruins, Central Space (London February-March 1988).


Check the home page of this site and archive news pages for information about live 'art' and other activities since mid-2005. This page is for archival use and it is possible it will never be updated. Mainly as Karen Eliot in the eighties: more usually as Stewart Home from 1993 onwards. Selected shows only:

●100,000 Newspapers (with Gustav Metzger) at T1/2 Gallery (London January-February 2003).
●City Racing Institute of Contemporary Arts (London January-March 2001).
●A to Z Approach Gallery (London 1998).
●If I Ruled The World, Shedhalle (Zurich July-August 1997).
●Life/Live Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (October 96- January 97).
●Yerself Is Steam 85 Charlotte Street Gallery (London July-August 1996).
●Multiple Choice Cubitt Gallery (London March-April 96).
●Imprint 93 City Racing (London June-July 95).
●Smile: a magazine of multiple origins National Art Library at The Victoria & Albert Museum (March-July 1992).
Anon 33 Arts Centre (Luton, February-March 1989).
Refuse Galleriet Läderfabriken (Malmö October-November 1988). Travel costs provided by British Council.
●Apocrypha Community Copy Art (London January/February 1988).
Desire in Ruins Transmission Gallery (Glasgow May 87).
●Our Wonderful Culture – Voyage Fisherman Studios (London March/April 87).
●The Lie of the Land Young Unknowns Gallery (London February 87).
Ruins of Glamour/Glamour of Ruins Chisenhale Studios (London December 86).
●The Business Of Desire DIY Gallery (London May 86).
●Post Art 1 within Roadworks Brixton Art Gallery (London June 85).
●Transmuted Envelope Show Royal College of Art (London May/June 85).


Check the home page of this site and archive news pages for information about live 'art' and other activities since mid-2005. This page is for archival use and it is possible it will never be updated.

●Demolish Serious Culture Community Copy Art (London June 1989).
●Fifth International Festival of Plagiarism in and around Transmission Gallery (Glasgow 4-11 August 1989).
Festival of Plagiarism many venues across London January-February 1988.


Archive of catalogues, flyers, posters, press releases, letters, contracts &c. pertaining to art activities between 1979 and 1999 purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1999 and can be accessed through The National Art Library.

Information about some Stewart Home films

Stewart Home in green 'soul' T-shirt, photo by Chris Dorley-Brown

Stewart Home - Quick, Clean and Efficient since 1962.

Art Strike Bed 1990=2006 by Stewart Home

Stewart Home "Art Strike Bed" (1990-2006).

Stewart Home artist's book

Stewart Home art book, interior, eighties.

Amputee Sex by Stewart Home cover

Stewart Home Comes In Your Face CD cover

Confusion Incorporated by Stewart Home cover

Cranked Up Really High by Stewart Home cover

Cunt by Stewart Home cover

Cyber Sadism Live by Stewart Home CD cover

Green Apocalypse by Stewart Home cover

Mind Invaders edited by Stewart Home cover

Neoist Manifestos by Stewart Home cover

Neoism,Plagiarism & Praxis by Stewart Home cover

The House of Nine Squares by Stewart Home cover

Pure Mania by Stewart Home CD cover

Red London by Stewart Home cover

Fasting On Spam by Stewart Home cover