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Stewart Home was born in south London in 1962. When he was sixteen he held down a factory job for a few months, an experience that led him to vow he'd never work again. After dabbling in rock journalism and music, in the early eighties he switched his attention to the art world. Now Home writes novels as well as cultural commentary, and he continues to make films and exhibitions. He has long been an underground legend in Europe, North America and Brazil.

A day in the life of Stewart Home (from 1994)

Stewart Home provides an overview of his work

Alternative biography written by Codex Books

Stewart Home in Sao Paolo 2004
Stewart Home (centre front) and friends at a Sao Paolo radio station in 2004.

Stewart Home in a cold sweat
Stewart Home: "Over the past 30 years I have worked across a variety of media including performance, music, film, writing, installation, graphics etc. Within these practices I have attempted to continually reforge the passage between theory and practice, and overcome the divisions not only between what in the contemporary world are generally canalized cultural pursuits but also to breach other separations such as those between politics and art, the private and the social."