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Anyone who has read my books Defiant Pose and Cranked Up Really High will be aware that the article 'The Last Of Home' (Green Anarchist 39 Autumn 95, page 18) is yet another tedious example of the GA lie machine in action. I have never made a secret of knowing Tony Wakeford, who I met when he was a member of the SWP. I have never been politically involved with Wakeford, although I used to see him socially at punk concerts around London in the late-seventies. When Wakeford became involved with the far-Right, I expressed my disgust by refusing to talk to him and only resumed speaking to him eight years later, after I'd been assured he'd ended these political involvements. I do not manage Wakeford's band Sol Invictus and have nothing to do with what gets reviewed in the fascist magazine Perspectives, as Green Anarchist absurdly claim.

I have called Green Anarchist's ideological architect Richard Hunt a nazi, although not as GA claim for writing in Perspectives. My observation that Hunt and GA are fascists is based on analysis of their politics, not on who they associate with, although the fact that Hunt works politically with nazis does not surprise me given the far-Right ideology he propagates. Anyone interested in a full exposure of GA's fascist agenda should see the pamphlet The Green Apocalypse (available for £3.50 from Unpopular Books, Box 15, 138 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS*). Green Anarchist seem to think that by dissociating themselves from Hunt they can prove that they are not fascist. This is absurd, in the early eighties the National Front dissociated itself from John Tyndall, but it was still every bit as nazi as it had always been. Green Anarchist propagate a fascist political agenda and the fact that they use the encircled A logo, rather than the swastika, does not make their ideology any more acceptable than if they openly admitted that their position is rooted in far-Right extremism.

Given the fact that Green Anarchist lies about me lending credibility to fascist magazines by supplying them with books for review, it is rather foolish of them to adopt Bob Black as their champion, not only citing him in their 'The Last Of Home' article, but running his writing and reviewing his last book. To my knowledge, Black has never offered any explanation as to how his essay 'Politics, Prejudice and Procedure: The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson' came to be published in the Journal Of Historical Review Vol 7 No. 2 (Summer 1986) run by the hardcore nazis at the Institute of Historical Review. These scumsuckers specialise in sick lies about the holocaust not taking place. Bob Black coyly avoided this issue when the text was republished in his book Friendly Fire (Autonomedia, Brooklyn 1992), although this provided a perfect opportunity to clarify the issue of his relationship to the nazi IHR. An exposure of the right-wing agenda behind Black's so called critique of The Assault On Culture can be found on pages 186 to 189 of my book Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis (AK Press, Edinburgh and San Francisco 1995). Given this exposure of Black's nationalism, it does not surprise me that his writing should turn up in fascist publications such as the Journal of Historical Review and Green Anarchist. It should go without saying that Black is to be condemned for his ideological position, since his political associations are merely a by-product of this.

Green Anarchist 39 (page 13) also runs the 20 April 1995 letter from the Unabomber to the New York Times. This fascist creep claims in thesis 161 of a manifesto that has been widely distributed, that nazis and militiamen are 'rebels against the system'. To the uninitiated, the Unabomber letter looks utterly bizarre sitting in the same magazine as the anti-fascist report on page 5 of GA 39, Green Apocalypse explains how GA's bizarre mix of fascism and anti-fascism is rooted in Bakuninism. Like the remnants of the National Front, GA seem to think that by attacking nazi groups such as the BNP, they can prove they are not reactionaries themselves. This is absurd, Green Anarchism is fascist and it should be treated as such.

First published as a leaflet Fall 1995.


* This address was correct when the leaflet was issued, it is now defunct.

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