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Politcal Theory / Cultural Critique

ISBN 0 9514417 7 9

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Published in 1997 by
Sabotage Editions
BM Senior
London, UK

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The emblem on the front cover shows a representation of proletarian purity being threatened with corruption from environmentalists and anarchists.

From the back cover:


"We are going to see an increase in militancy... The unabomber, the ALF, Justice Department and ARM, the Oklahoma bombers and Japanese AUM cult all show the direction it is going in. Outside of Middle-Eastern terrorism, events like the Oklahoma bomb would have been unthinkable 15 years ago. Such developments are inspirational and open up wide ranges of new possibilites."
Stephen Booth Into The 1990's With Green Anarchist
(Green Anarchist Books, Camberley 1996, pages 153-4)

Green Anarchist's support for neo-Nazi bomb attacks such as the Oklahoma massacre in which 168 people were indicriminately murdered, might be seen by some as aberrant. This pamphlet demonstrates such an assessment is mistaken. Green Anarchist are part of a right-wing cabal which permeates the Primitivist Network and the 'academic' journal Anarchist Studies, amongst others. The dogmas propogated by contemporary 'libertarian' militants are traced back to nineteenth-century anarchists like Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, a vcious anti-semite who dreamt of the final solution nearly a hundred years before the Nazi holocaust. In this text, Luther Blissett tears the mask off anarchism to reveal the shocking truth that lies beneath its fraudulent 'left-wing' image. The Nazis did not invent the deranged anti-semetic conspiracy theories that led to the horrors of the gas chambers. The despicable lie that Marx and Rothschild were working together to stage an internation coup was first ventilated by the founding fathers of modern anarchism...

On Robert Graham and his mention in this text...

Robert Graham made what looks to me like a hasty email response to the mention of his name in Anarchist Integralism. The message he sent to this site on 26 Jan 2006 proves, rather than disproves, my contentions about him and the journal Anarchist Studies. He wrote:

"The claim on your website that I have covered up Proudhon's anti-semitism is false. Here is what I wrote in my introduction to the 1989 Pluto Press edition of Proudhon's General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century: "Proudhon denounced Marx as the 'tapeworm of socialism' and in a truly horrific outburst contained in his notebook he called for the expulsion of the Jews from Europe or their extermination" (page xxxvi - now available over the internet at:
http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/Anarchist_Archives/proudhon/grahamproudhon.html )."

I had in fact read Graham's edition of Proudhon's book prior to writing Anarchist Integralism and while I looked for evidence that Graham was in fact aware of Proudhon's anti-semitism I failed to fully recall this reference. Since I was unable to locate this, despite a vague memory of it, I wrote the following in Anarchist Integralism:

"Reviewing a recent academic edition of Max Stirner's The Ego And Its Own edited by David Leopold for Anarchist Studies Volume 5 #1, Robert Graham reports Leopold as having written: 'Proudhon played an anti-democratic and counter-revolutionary role in the 1848 French Revolution, accepted slavery in the American South, supported violent strike-breaking, made detailed plans to suppress dissent among his supporters and was a vicious anti-semite.' Immediately after this quote, Graham complains: 'No other attempt is made to summarise Proudhon's views, nor does Leopold offer any evidence in support of his claims.' Graham's words are tantamount to a cover-up since Proudhon's anti-semitism has been cause for considerable comment. Even if one is prepared to believe that Graham is genuinely in the dark about Proudhon's racism and other reactionary views, it strains credulity to suggest the editors of a refereed academic journal devoted to anarchism do not know the score on this point. Proudhon is, after all, one of the major 'theorists' of anarchism."

Since Graham knew all along that Proudhon was a vicious anti-semite (as he makes clear in his email), when he condemns Leopold for not 'offer(ing) any evidence in support of his views' this clearly amounts to a cover up of Proudhon's anti-semitism and the qualification I added of 'tantamont' was unnecessary. Obviously Pluto Press is not anarchist, and operates to different standards than those employed by Anarchist Studies, where it seems one can get away with just about anything if it is perceived to be of benefit to the anarchist 'movement'.

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