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Anarchist Integralism
(critique of anarchism as political ideology)
Anarchy in the UK? (newspaper article on anarchist festival)
Bending The Bars (review of prison book by John Barker)
Bombing of Dresden (50th anniversary piece from 1994)
Christine Keeler Affair (film review)
Class War (account of British anarchist group in 1980s)
Green Anarchist (critiques of eco-fascist front)
Letter from Stewart Home to Head Magazine of 8/9/99
Martin Amis is Stupid (review of Koba The Dread)
Roger Taylor talks to Stewart Home (art is like cancer)
The End of Copenhagen? (on the riots in Nørrebro & a situationist event)

On 9/11
1. Twin Towers
2. Data Panics & Data Voids
3. Data Quakes

On the journal Anarchist Studies & their reviews of Stewart Home
A curious exhange of letters with Anarchist Studies
Anarchism & The Bolshevisation of Culture
My Tactics Against Anarchist Studies

ad for Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie by Stewart Home

The Green Apocalypse by Stewart Home cover

Anarchist Integralism by Luther Blissett