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ANARCHO-FACISTS ATTEMPT TO ORGANISE: Anarchist Heretics Fair/Beyond Right and Left by Unpopular Books

At first sight this leaflet (*not online) may appear innocuous - a few groups organising a get together outside the stale atmosphere of the "mainstream contemporary anarchist movement.". However the reality is that the organiser is a hard-core national-bolshevik, as he explained in an interview with Wayne John (Sturgeon) of Albion Awake!:

"In the U.K. Anarchy is limited to empty Socialist based groups who have no interest in anything except class war or industrial relations. In France, Italy and Russia there is a long rich, intellectual heritage in the Anarchy milieu which covers the Futurists, symbolists, Surrealists, Decadents, etc, and a belief in nomadic thought beyond left-right and a synthesis of opposites with dynamic flux. In Russia for e.g. there is a big Anarchist underground and the major personality behind this Tsvetlan Tsvetlov author of Anarchy Unlimited has brought this milieu to the great Alexander Dugin the head of the Russian National Bolsheviks."

Other open supporters of Dugin include the National Revolutionary Faction (NRF), an openly antisemitic and racist National Bolshevik organisation in the UK. It has a policy of entryism into other far-right groups. Meanwhile a Christian Anarchist like Wayne John (Sturgeon) tries to appear anti-racist by declaring how pleased he is when Jews become Christian! However he finds it hard to keep up the pretense and moans that "our children grow up apeing imported black rap stars from the USA" (Alternative Green No.21, Autumn 1999)

Simply under the name Wayne John, his 'Christianarchy' article recently appeared in Green Anarchist No.57-58 (Autumn 1999). Whilst making much of their 'disagreements' with Alternative Green (who split from them in 1991), and even denouncing the English National Movement (a former incarnation of the NRF), GA have struggled to maintain some credence in the "mainstream contemporary anarchist movement." This has been despite severe criticism of a series of articles by Steve Booth called "The Irrationalists" which called for bio-chemical and bomb attacks in public places. His blend of existentialist misanthropy is remarkably close to the doctrines of Dugin:

"The national-bolsheviks comprehend the "irrational" not just as "not rational", but as "the aggressive and active destruction of the rational", as fight with the "everyday consciousness" (and the "everyday behaviour"), as submersion into the "new life" element, that is the special magic existence of a "differential human", who has discarded all outer bans and norms." The Metaphysics of National-Bolshevism

Whether covert or overt, our response is the same:
Smash Anarcho-Fascism! Smash National-Bolshevism!

Text taken from leaflet by Unpopular Books which is a response to a flyer for the first Heretics Bookfair. The original flyer was not reproduced when this was first put up, but rather a request that if anyone thought it useful for this to be done they should email. No one did, so it wasn't put up.

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