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Statement by Noel Molland: sent to SchNEWS on 25 December 1997

"There has been a rumour going around that Agent Provocateurs encouraged the Gandalf Defendents to write allegedly inciting material. I totally distance myself from such theories.

As the editor of Eco-Vegan, a contributor for Earth Liberation Prisoners Journal, the early editions of Do or Die and the Diary of Animal Liberation, and Eco-Defence diary contributor in GA mag, I know I was never encouraged by an Agent Provocateur to write such stuff. All of the above have been held up as containing inciting material. I take full responsibility for my own writings. I do not try to cowardly shift the blame onto anyone else. Besides, the issue is NOT about who wrote them or who encouraged them to be written. the issue is the fact that as Animal/Earth Lib activists have the moral right to disseminate our own news.

Reporting the news should not be a crime, expressing news should not be a crime, telling people about the horrors of animal abuse and the destruction of the enviroment should not be a crime. these are the issues. Speculation about MI5 agents diverts attention away from the issues.

I take full responsibility for my own writings. Others should do the same."

See account by Noel of the GANDALF Trial from Arkangel Magazine No. 19.

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