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In Green Anarchist No. 47-8 (Summer' 97) GA attempt to dismiss the serious criticism levelled at them in my essay Anarchism and the Militias. However they are so engrossed in their fascistic ideology that they only serve to confirm what I have previously maintained. Firstly, referring to the right to bear arms against the state and the condemnation of the Waco massacre, in a piece of bizarre logic they suggest that it was because "cowardly counter-revolutionary US leftists" ignored these issues that "the Right have exercised such influence in the militias". It has hard to see what they mean by this beyond the trite commentary that if the Left adopt the politics of the Right, then the Right is no longer the Right. Somehow it has escaped GA's notice that the proliferation of guns amongst gang members in the US ghettoes has not led to a rise in resistance to capital and the state. On the contrary it has led to internecine gang warfare where working class people kill each other. Some of these gangs have grown directly out of the Black Panthers, an attempt to organise armed resistance to the racist policing of the ghettoes which was destroyed through infiltration and direct murder during the seventies regardless of any supposed 'right to bear arms' which was always a legal fiction.

GA hold up Stuart Christie, famous for being thrown in a Spanish jail in the sixties accused of trying to blow up Franco, as above criticism. Likewise, because they are currently undergoing a conspiracy trial they seem to think they too can publish racist filth without a word raised in protest. Despite a superficial rejection of leadership, the elitists in GA soon claim star status for those whose real or imagined contributions to the struggle have lead to a brush with the law. In contrast we assert that whatever a persons contribution to the class struggle, this can never excuse racist or sexist behaviour. The article by Pennick, published by Christie, is dealt with overleaf. This is the sort shit GA are covering up for.

GA claim that they are "pro-environment, pro-choice, anti-state law, anti-any law" and that I should know this from their rebuttals, and hence my "allegations are clearly being made in bad faith". GA are lying.

"pro-environment" putting Sarin gas on the Japanese underground system is hardly pro-environment yet Stephen Booth sees this as inspirational in his Into the 1990's with Green Anarchist (Green Anarchist Books 1996)

"pro-choice" their campaign against the division of labour implies an abandonment of all specialisation in skills, and hence a liquidation of all medical skills, even those based on herbal remedies outside the technological-industrial complex. Hardly pro-choice.

"anti-state law, anti-any law" yes but only as it applies to them and others in their eco-fascist elite. In our leaflet One Green Anarchist, One Bullet, Finger on the Trigger and Pull It, we criticised Green Anarchist for a letter they ran (GA No. 39 Autumn' 95, page 24) proposing a 'primitivist anarchist community' to be established in Zimbabwe or Mozambique. The letter solicited the involvement of anarchists internationally in a project to buy land thereby excluding most of the impoverished Mozambican/Zimbabwean population who are very poor. In case anyone didn't get the message, Renato, the letter writer also stipulated that participants "should not only have the necessary finance but also the required able bodies and mental capabilities to establish a settlement". Far from pointing out how this last exclusion echoed the Nazi exclusion and indeed murder of people with disabilities, Green Anarchist merely warned that "Enthusiasm is fine but get assurances about the quality of land and political stability of the country it's in before committing yourself."

Our leaflet commented: "This is nothing short of the Nazi policy of Lebensraum or 'living space'. Whereas nazi Germany wanted to colonise Eastern Europe, Green Anarchist is publishing proposals to do just the same in Southern Africa, although the scale of this proposal is more akin to the proto-Nazi Aryan communes set up in South America by Nietzsche's sister and others of her ilk in the 1890's." GA's concern for the "political stability of the country it's in" shows that they seek a freedom untrammelled by law for themselves and other ec(h)o-fascists with enough money to buy into their nightmare, but the same old oppression for the "untermensch".

Clearly our criticisms are being made because GA are fascistic little shits and the bad faith is to be found in their attempt to pass themselves off as part of a broader movement concerned with realising a world human community. They even stoop to fabricating the lie that the editor of Unpopular Books supported Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, when in fact he criticised various French ultra-leftists when they got involved in a campaign to support Faurisson's 'freedom of speech'.

GA have published the Unabomber's racist tract, Industrial Society and its Future, and also included Peter Neville's article on 'Political Correctness' in their latest issue. Here Neville bewails the fact that Ashkanazi Jews are not racially pure. The problem with the Israeli state is that it imposes Capitalist social relations, the problem with Zionism is that it is a form of nationalism, with all the problems that entails. When Neville ponders "How many in southern Russia and associated areas have any ancestors who actually had any connection with Palestine is doubtful" ('Political Correctness' GA #47-48, Summer '97) this is racism. They publish a review of Bob Black's Anarchy after Leftism, claiming that it is "a good start" to the Columbia Alternative Library's publishing programme, dismissing Black's difficulty in finding a publisher to "personal prejudice". In fact it is Bob Black who collaborates with Holocaust deniers, getting an article published in the Journal of Historical Review (Vol. 7#2, Summer 1986, p175-192). Indeed Black is also not only a police informer, but even boasts about it (see Big Bad Bob Black, available from Popular Reality, P.O.Box 1782, Jackson Michigan, 49204, USA you'd better send a few International Reply Coupons). In his book Black does not only revive Bakunin's anti-semitic remarks about Karl Marx, but parallels them with his own about Murray Bookchin.

It is not by chance that GA dismisses the growing disgust with Black's behaviour as "personal prejudice". There are also those amongst the anarchist milieu who dismiss our criticisms of GA as being a "personal" disagreement., who want to look the other way and pretend we are 'rocking the boat' when we raise our objections. Such complacency when faced with the rampant racism coming from GA is a sad reflection of the bankruptcy of contemporary anarchism.

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