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Internal Bulletin of the Green Action Network. No. 1.
For circulation among initiates only!

The Only Sane Response To Mass Society Is Mass Murder

It is necessary to animate the dead body and resuscitate it in order to multiply its power to the infinite. Albertus Magnus.

The Population Bomb

While the far-Right knows it will go nowhere without the Left, many of our Anarchist supporters have yet to realise that it is tactically necessary to adopt the techniques of the Nazis and the Secret State in order to overthrow mass society. The squeamishness many City Dwellers exhibit towards the perfectly natural phenomena of Death means that we have no choice but to side-step the issue of how we intend to achieve a ninety-five per cent reduction in the human population. Everyone agrees that mass society cannot be reformed and must therefore be replaced, but the means by which we will achieve this utopian ideal must remain a secret that is only circulated among those who have been enlightened through initiation into the ranks of GA Cadre.

Death Camps

Everyone knows that the Nazi Death Camps were wicked and evil institutions because those parts of the surplus population liquidated during the Final Solution were selected on the basis of their racial origin or sexual preferences. The only fair and rational basis upon which to pick members of the surplus population for culling is by age. The populations of Europe and North America are ageing, therefore in these areas the GA Cadre intend to purge the planet of everyone over thirty. Along with Alain De Benoist, GA recognises the 'right to difference' that exists among divergent peoples. Therefore in the Third World, where there is a population explosion, it will be necessary to kill everyone under thirty. Mass society needs resources from across the planet in order to survive. The individuals most ruthlessly exploited by this system are those that work the land in the Third World, only to have the fruits of their labour exported to profit the rich. Death is infinitely preferable to being a degraded slave of imperialism.

Mass society alienates people from the Earth. By controlling the Earth's resources, the State controls society. GA wants to return everyone over thirty to the Earth. However, unlike the Nazis, we will not do this with pollutants such as Zyklon B which poison the planet, nor will we plunder the Amazon for exotic venoms as a reactionary who has now been expelled from our ranks wished. Instead we shall make good use of natural toxins such as methane gas. By re-establishing our relationship with the Earth in this fashion, by turning the surplus population into fertiliser, we will undermine the hierarchical thinking that is destroying the planet and simultaneously transform the Nazi abstraction of 'blood and soil' into an exquisite and deeply meaningful reality.

Liberal Smears

Newspapers such as the Independent have libellously claimed that GA spends all its time attacking Richard Hunt, our founder and ideological architect, because he now publicly defends unreconstructed fascists. This is a lie, we do not spend ALL our time attacking Hunt, the GA leadership has also expended a great deal of energy in planning Green Death Camps, where the surplus population can be humanly killed off. This is the only realistic method of cutting out the cancer that threatens to destroy Mother Earth, the only possible way we can kill off the parasitic core of mass society. Meanwhile, various reactionaries who object to Death Camps have started asking questions about how we intend to replace mass society with communities small enough for every peasant farmer to be respected as an autonomous individual.

GA security expert 'Fat Boy' O'Haw-Haw tells us that the best way to deal with those who criticise us is to spread rumours that these scum are Nazi bastards. Since our supporters never see racist rock albums, we can safely slander anyone by claiming that they have received dedications on Skrewdriver record sleeves, and no one but the victim will ever know that this isn't true. O'Haw-Haw is our link man with various progressive tendencies that have transcended their far-Right origins, such as Derek Holland's International Third Position. Likewise, O'Haw-Haw provides us with names and addresses of enemy targets to circulate, because he knows that anyone who criticises either him or us must be a spook. The Secret State is only capable of forming pseudo-gangs among the Left and the far-Right. Thanks to 'Fat Boy' O'Haw-Haw, the Cadre of GA has twenty-four hour protection against the machinations of Stella Rimington and MI5.

The Great Work

While GA whole-heartedly supports anti-racist and anti-imperialist struggles, this does not prevent us from recognising the achievements of National Socialism. Hitler was a vegetarian and animal lover who smashed the power of the Old Gang in Europe. National Socialism was a considerable improvement upon the Globalism of International Socialism. In works such as The Peasantry As The Life Source Of The Nordic Race, Nazi agriculture minister Walther Darré outlined a pastoral vision that is remarkably similar to the GA ideal of small autonomous communities. The tragedy of National Socialism is that this idealistic movement allowed itself to be perverted by the bigotry of men such as Alfred Rosenberg and Julius Streicher, while reactionaries such as Albert Speer simultaneously bulldozed autobahns through the European countryside.

Supporting the anti-fascist struggle does not mean that GA rejects the positive achievements of National Socialism. GA agrees with Savitri Devi when she says that the problem with Hitler was that he indulged his people with too great a solar warming, and as a consequence neglected the lightning of violence that should have been directed at a far greater swath of the population. To be sure, references to this are not lacking in the works of Julius Evola, the ideological inspiration for progressive tendencies such as the International Third Position. As Evola notes, within Alchemy the body acquired the label of a burden which enchains every soul. While the soul struggles within this prison, it cannot attain illumination. Hatred of the body is a prerequisite of Gnosis, while life in mass society is a living death.

The only sane response to mass society is mass murder. In the shadows, ashes and remains of the GA Death Camps there will be far more than mere liberation from mass society, this is where we shall discover the Philosopher's Stone, and with it the knowledge of how to return to a Traditional form of society in tune with Mother Earth. This is a revolution in the true sense of the word, a homecoming.


Green Action Network, Box 88, Magdalen College, Oxford.

Reproduced in: Green Apocalyse

Articles on Green Anarchist (the group parodied in this leaflet attributed to the non-existent Green Action Network).

Please note this is satirical and that the organisation it was attributed to (The Green Action Network) does not exist. One would hope this is obvious but certain cretins including Larry "La La" O'Hara and David "Cakehead" Watson have spent years claiming it is not.

Larry O'Hara bottles it

Larry O'Hara bottles it

Larry O'Hara is stupid.