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In September 2007 Tate Modern (London) announced Stewart Home had begun a year long engagement as writer-in-residence at their Level 2 Gallery. His brief was to write eight texts providing both fictional and non-fictional responses to a series of four exhibitions showcasing new emerging international artists.

Irresistible Force: 20 September  –  25 November 2007
Curated by Ben Borthwick and Kerryn Greenberg in dialogue with Catherine Wood, and incorporating Irresistible Magazine edited by Cedar Lewisohn.

The Web Sex Archive of Karl Marx
"Nude For Satan" meets "The Irresistible Force"
Heading For The Texas Border

Illuminations: 14 December 2007 – 24 February 2008
Curated by Lucy Askew and Ben Borthwick in dialogue with Catherine Wood.

The Goddess of Spam
Art Is Dead, Burn The Museums Baby!
Around and Around

Here We Dance: 14 March  –  26 May 2008
Curated by Ann Coxon and Vanessa Desclaux in dialogue with Catherine Wood.

Save The Last Dance For Me?

9 Scripts For A Nation At War: 13 June - 25 August 2008
Curated Amy Dickson and Rachel Taylor in dialogue with Catherine Wood,

No War But The Class War

colour field by Stewart Home
This is (not) a colour field.