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JEAN BAUDRILLARD AND THE PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY OF NUDISM by Stewart Home. Sabotage Editions, London 2001, ISBN 0 9540063 0 5

Review by John Eden
The subtitle for this is:

"25 Tall Tales of sexual impropriety with seventeen year old girls, decadent nuns and bread dolls taken directly from the pages of both spicy art publications and the most aromatic sections of the style press appended with instructions on how to hang old bread bags from the back pockets of your levis in order to signal your carnal desires to the gingerbread men who frequent the world's most swinging bakeries and hottest 24-hour bagel shops."

Which is a bit of a mouthful, really! Another of Stewart's great compilations of journalism, rants, reviews and so on. This is more direct than the last pamphlet, Anamorphosis. Despite being a compilation, it seems to hang together pretty well. The main themes being the continuing critique of anarchism, the resurgence of bread doll fetishism and punk fucking rock.

On the highbrow front we have some very good critical essays and reviews concerning academic treatises on stuff like Debord, Punk Rock and high art stuff - Stewart certainly knows when and how to put the boot in. On a more accessible level there are pieces on John Sinclair from the MC5, fetishism (fruit, uniforms, and the obligatory bread dolls!), computer sex, and Stone Circles. On the "what the FUCK?" level there is some seriously deranged stuff about Iain Sinclair and his Falconer film, a look at renting £1000 a week apartments, and the origins of the Mind Invaders rock 'n' roll hoax/meme (or is it?).

Plus some interviews with Stewart which take in his political evolution, the Art Strike, afro-american music and a whole heap more. Jean Baudrillard is blissfully absent as well!

Warning! This pamphlet will ejaculate into your bread bin as soon as your back is turned - and you will love it!

68 pages.


Jean Baudrillard & The Psychogeography of Nudism by Stewart Home cover