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REVELATIONS: A Communication of a Tremendous Sense of Well-Being in the Mind of One Lenny McHara, Picked Up while Riding in a Train at Thetford, by a Travelling Person of the West Anglia Survey; Thetford being an Ancient node, or Nexus, Where Resonances are Regularly Focused, Directed and Routed Various Ways, Though the Sense of Their Meaning may be Altered in the Transmission:

Until recently, in fact, until just a few months ago, to be precise, I was a freelance journalist and rancid individualist. My conception of politics centred upon myself. I was at the hub of numerous government conspiracies to enforce the will of a despot state. This has all changed, and I'd like to share with you a number of personal revelations regarding the nature of covert activism in the 21st century.

During the late-nineties I became a target for the notorious state asset Stewart Home. His unwelcome attentions followed swiftly on from my hard-hitting exposés of how MI5 and the police try to control or limit 'subversion', and peaked during my campaign to reveal state-sponsored mind-control in schools through the compulsion to 'play' at specific times during the school day. Now look at the Pokémon craze and tell me I was wasting my time. Anyhow, while I was associating with crypto-fascists in a bid to reveal state-sponsored racism, I concluded that Home's incessant verbal assaults were all part of the state's anti-subversion machine. Who else could afford to pay a successful cult novelist to spend hours constructing lies about me? Events seemed to bear witness to my initial suspicions. Never forget that sleuthing is my business. Personal attacks on me and my acquaintances were threatening to disrupt my important collaboration with the most significant irrationalists of the decade. There was no doubt in my mind that I'd obviously touched on a raw nerve of the secret state. For them to turn one of their prime assets loose on me was all the proof I needed.

By 1998, the network of resistance to globalism painstakingly built up over the years by a group of dedicated specialists in urban guerilla media tactics was seriously compromised. Our hard-fought campaign to destroy civilization by encouraging other people to poison, shoot or blow up lazy consumer scum was being distorted by our enemies. A tide of black propaganda engulfed us. A tsunami of state lies surfed by Home and his cronies. It towered over our simple green anarchist programme of cultural integrity and non-ideological purity. But worse was yet to come. Some of us were imprisoned for our beliefs. Despite our intuitive grasp of the great web of state secrecy, we were still crushed like insignificant insects. Who would have thought that they would have been as ruthless as I said they were? If only I'd actually realised how accurate my assessment of their capacity for evil was.

The life of a freelance covert-ops-buster is a lonely one. But if we are to smash gobal capitalism and replace it with autonomous, armed, self-sufficient and growth-limited communities of no more than 50–100 people, we must be prepared for extreme hardship. Steve Booth has personally vowed never to wash until we are all huddled round the first camp fire of the new dawn. A fire lit, I may add, amongst the ruins of brain-dead multicultural suburbia. We have joked among ourselves that it may not be too long before the reek of urine and powerful stench of good, natural faeces from chez Booth brings about of its own accord a localised collapse of 'rational' civilization. We can still laugh.

But within the past few months I have been aware of psychic resonances. If I were a betting man I'd put money on state-sponsored microwave or magnetic field interventions. Nevertheless, it came to me one morning, as I was stashing my lollipop person's uniform, after mounting an early surveillance at one of a number of secret sites I have targetted within London. I felt that something was not right. As I folded the white coat, and hid the 'Stop' sign in the airing cupboard, I felt calm for the first time in years.

I soon realised that, far from smearing me with his lies, Home had been doing something altogether more underhand. He had actually been orchestrating my thoughts and actions! The hulking, steroid-pumped state asset had intervened so successfully that he had managed to infiltrate not only my sphere of activity (forcing me to spend all my time responding to his lies), but had managed to effectively internalise within me the totality of his black propaganda 'meta-narrative'. I was absolutely stunned. It was suddenly clear. If I ever were an effective agent of change, I was one no longer. Home's mastery of 'wit', alchemy, textual analysis, critiques of intersubjectivity – possibly all at the same time – finally enabled him to control me, to possess my essential being. He was my puppet master. With a shudder I saw that I was little better off than any of the unfortunate teenage 'bitches' he openly brags about pimping. It is clear that I never was in charge of my actions – Home wrote them all. I merely rehearsed a script he composed. I wonder how many others are out there, unwitting dupes, condemned to parrot his filthy government lies?

From this moment forward I dedicate my whole life to the poor and dispossed. Having failed to gain a place as a mature student doing Cultural Studies, it is now my duty to expose to the world the suffering of activist men and women who struggle for a world without knowledge without the benefit of the precious occult secrets of the Humanities.

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