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The Stewart Home Society exists to promote the works of Stewart Home and document the many aspects of his work. Also the Stewart Home Society will make preparations for Stewart Home's death on which it will step into the role of defending the great man's works and reputation against bourgeois / imperialist / revisionist slander and distortion.

One of the major projects we are undertaking is publishing " Feuding as the highest form of Art ", a high quality book covering the feuds Stewart Home has been involved in; we hope to reproduce all relevant documentation. To this end we invite you to contribute to it. We want to make sure we have a complete record. Stewart Home has kindly agreed to contribute a forward covering feuding as art.

Also if you don't want to keep them yourself we would like you to send us receipts for Stewart Home material bought especially the novels Blow Job and Cunt . In fact please send us any Stewart Home cuttings, recordings, tales and other tit bits you have.

We are launching a campaign to have places where Stewart Home has lived listed and marked with heritage plaques. It is very sad that Stewart's previous residences have been demolished. Get in touch for a copy of petitions and flyers.

We aspire to offer a service in supplying Stewart Home material, including rare stuff. direct message us via Mastodon for a list. Special deals for public accessible libraries and archives.

We also have the franchise to issue Stewart Home's Avant Garde Exam Certificates, this is overseen and audited by Stewart Home himself. Get in touch if you wish to enroll in our assessment.

Donations accepted. All proceeds will go to help the work of the Stewart Home Society. Make cheques payable to the "Stewart Home Society".

We welcome feedback as to what people want from the Stewart Home Society.

If you want to know more about the Stewart Home Society message Space Bunny for the low down.

Thanks to all those who have helped the SHS, especially our comrade across the water.

From: The SHS secret files

Stewart Home in skinhead drag

Stewart Home, 'the stuff of which (religious) cults are made'?