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Despite an ill-fitting suit in desperate need of dry cleaing, Larry O'Hara flunks yet again in his attempts to pose as an 'investigative' reporter.

A press release issued by Larry O'Hara and Michel Prigent of the 'Anti-Deception Committee' has come to my attention. This gives a somewhat eccentric account of events at the ICA in London on 18/3/96 when O'Hara and Prigent disrupted a reading by gay novelist Neil Bartlett. Since the two chums arrived late, Neil invited them to sit alongside me in the front row, but for reasons best known to themselves, they refused and proceeded to disrupt Bartlett's reading from the back of the room. O'Hara, apparently not realising that questions from the floor are usually saved until the end of these events, began screeching hysterically. Eventually, he singled out a black woman for abuse, and after he described her as 'trash", an ICA administrator informed the two middle-aged men with personal hygiene problems that the police would be called unless they left.

Prigent and O'Hara gloss over what actually happened with macho posturing and empty rhetoric. They then disingenuously claim that: 'Dialogue proving impossible, we left...' More seriously, I have been contacted by magazines such as Kinokaze, who somehow managed to conclude that ICA 'intervention' and subsequent press release were a media scam I'd orchestrated to draw attention to my new novel Slow Death, in which genre fiction is taken for a ride. While I am happy for The Bookseller to treat the 'Anti-Deception' Committee's ravings as an absurd joke and thus create trade interest in Slow Death during the crucial weeks leading up to its official release, as a professional writer I feel compelled to protest against the vile insinuation that I would compose barely literate drivel of this type.

O'Hara and Prigent allege that my satirical novel 'glorifies violence, not just against stereotypical Nazis but also Leftists. Sophisticated (neo-Nazi) fascists... are not targets either in this book or scarcely anywhere else in Home's throughput.' It goes without saying that large portions of two of my previous novels Defiant Pose and Blow Job (the latter is currently only available in Finnish translation under the title Oppi Tulee Idästä) are devoted to satirising 'sophisticated' fascist tendencies, such as the so called 'third position', which so fascinate O'Hara. This theme is continued in Vegan Reich, a novel about 'sophisticated' fascism and spookery on the fringes of the 'anarchist' movement, which will be published in Finnish translation later this year.

Both Nazi scum and hardcore reformists who aim to channel activism toward electoral politics have serious problems with humour. In his leaflet Stewart Home: The Fascists' Flunkey, O'Hara reproduces 'my' introduction to Above Us The Sun as proof of his claim that I sycophantically idolise 'Tony Wakeford as a "genius" and a semi-divine figure'. The introduction to my book The Assault On Culture contains a critique of the notion of 'genius', and anyone familiar with my output knows that I have no time for this absurd construct. Likewise, Wakeford named his band Sol Invictus after the Pagan Mithraic cult, whereas virtually the entire introduction to Above Us The Sun, and not just those parts in quotes, is lifted from the work of the Christian 'philosopher' Søren Kierkegaard. Regardless of this, to describe as 'a genius' the author of lines such as 'don't rebel, you won't be thanked, you'll just be run over by a tank' and 'nothing changes, only gets worse, nothing changes, waiting for a hearse' is so obviously a joke it shouldn't need explaining.

In his Flunkey leaflet, O'Hara insinuates that the first time I alluded to Tony Wakeford's NF connections was in 1995, despite the observation in my novel Defiant Pose (written in 1989 and published in 1991, page 139) that: 'Rumours circulated to the effect that Wakeford had ingratiated himself with the Strasserite faction of the National Front.' I used the term 'rumours' because while I believed this to be true, I was unable to prove it at the time I was writing. I have never had any political involvement with Wakeford and in fact, I didn't see him at all between 1983 and 1991 because I had no wish to count among my friends someone who kow-towed to National Front boss Patrick Harrington. I only resumed speaking to Wakeford after I'd been assured he'd lost all interest in politics and on top of this, an individual who'd just investigated Sol Invictus for Anti-Fascist Action told me that they had nothing on Wakeford or his band. However, since I have never had any sympathy with Wakeford's political involvements from his earliest days in the SWP, right through to his later associations with Patrick Harrington and Iona, it would prove nothing even if I had remained on speaking terms with him after he'd been sucked into the far-Right. It shouldn't need saying that rather than learning of this infatuation with Patrick Harrington's fascist fringe from Wakeford himself, it came to my attention through Maoist sources.

Although I describe the magazine Perspectives as fascist, O'Hara claims I am 'close' to it. The ostensibly favourable review of my work in Perspectives 7, alluded to by O'Hara, was in reality a vehicle for the libellous smear that I have adopted ideas from Tom Metzger, one of the scumbags who runs the neo-Nazi White Aryan Resistance! O'Hara is on a very sticky wicket with cods wallop of this type, since he has been favourably reviewed by fascist publications such as Final Conflict. Fascists fall back on conspiracy theories precisely because morons whose minds have been warped by hate are unable to engage in rational debate. It should go without saying that O'Hara fails to apply the 'logic' of his arguments consistently. If he did, he would end up denouncing not only himself but also the deceased Italian Communist Party boss Antonio Gramsci, because segments of the so called 'third position' have used the phrase 'right-wing Gramscism' to describe their 'programme'.

O'Hara is happy to appropriate the notion of fascism as an evolving ideology from my critique of Green Anarchism and then use it in his piece in GreenLine (issue 130), where thanks to the aid of conceptual tools forged by individuals O'Hara wishes to smear, he correctly identifies David Icke as an anti-Semite. Nevertheless, O'Hara and his double David Black remain reluctant to describe former National Front boss Patrick Harrington as a fascist - see, for example,' Green Anarchists Fall Out' in Student Outlook 11, summer term 1995. O'Hara's 'methodology' has all the logic of dry rot. Returning to the Flunkey leaflet, O'Hara repeats smears already dealt with in The Green Apocalypse and elsewhere. For example, he claims 'Home issued a leaflet (Green and Brown Anarchist) pretending to come from Green Anarchist'. This is a lie, the spoof leaflet is attributed to the Green Action Network, there was never any attempt to 'pretend' it came from Green Anarchist.

Likewise, O'Hara claims that I support 'the discredited MI5 front, Searchlight'. The same assertion has been made by O'Hara's chums at Green Anarchist (issue 39) and Anarchist Lancaster Bomber (Neobore edition July 1995), who unlike O'Hara at least attempted to back it up. However, this was done with a piece of partial quotation from Green Anarchism Exposed: 'Forced to chose between Searchlight (democracy) and Green Anarchist (fascism), anyone with their sanity intact would opt for the former.' The next line, omitted by both Green Anarchist and the Bomber, shows that O'Hara and his chums are lying when they say that I defend Searchlight: 'But in the end this is a false opposition, the material unfolding of history leaves proletarians with no real choice but to oppose both fascism and democracy with communism.'

By way of conclusion, I have little choice but to abandon my much celebrated modesty, merely one of the many glorious aspects of my character that have been trumpeted from the four corners of the globe. Instead, I must accept the burdens imposed upon me by honesty and reluctantly observe that the fact that 'individuals' with such opposed ideological positions as O'Hara, Prigent and Green 'Anarchist' boss Paul Rogers can unite on the basis of their opposition to a me, confirms both the theses on decomposition advanced in The Green Apocalypse and my immense historical importance. I stand ready to pass the torch of 'enlightenment' on to the class - but only after the class has demonstrated that it can distinguish my polished prose from the hack efforts of O'Hara and his chums.

Stewart Home, BM Senior, London WC1N 3XX, UK. If you want to help re-invent world culture in its entirety, please send me all your money, so that I can circulate more leaflets like this one. All true revolutionaries will understand that the urgency of such practical political tasks results in them being of far greater importance than that minor distraction, the class struggle.

The Green Apocalypse is (no longer, note added) available for £3.50 from Unpopular Books, Box 15, 138 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2NS (address defunct, note added). Slow Death (High Risk/Serpent's Tail) is (no longer, noted added) available from all good bookshops price UK £8.99/US $12.99./CAN $16.99.

Published as a leaflet, London April 1996.

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