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Life was born out of a primeval mist. Bright stars flared up in the overturned chalice of the universe. Dark planets began to close the circle of their invisible orbits. Motion was born, time was born, wo/man was born. Fear of death led to religion and art. Long before the false dawn of history, the idea of a universal synthesis arose in wo/man's consciousness. A whole series of philosophical teachings pass before us. Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Rosicrucian 'ideal' promoted by the 'invisible' Gresham College for the past 400 years. Christ claimed that love is the very thread that all have sought in vain, Marx gave us a secular religion, but we must add Satan to the equation if we are to join the physical and spiritual realms. The Absolute realises itself in the movement of the World-Spirit through Eternity. Wo/man, in being born, is separated from the universal. Society is a myth, nationalism a nightmare. I, alone, am the measure of all things. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that the point of honesty is deception, because with all great deceivers, there is a noteworthy occurrence to which they owe their power. In the actual act of deception, they are overcome by belief in themselves. Men believe in the truth of things that are plainly and strongly believed. This was the source of Christ's power. However, notions of universal judgement are deeply problematic. As to whether I am right or not, there is no judge but myself. Others can judge only whether they endorse my right, and whether it exists as right for them too. Real Satanism is simply belief in oneself and scepticism about everything else. We are not interested in Marx as a historical figure, but as a symbol of the conjunction between nihilism and historical consciousness. Only when Marx, Christ and Satan are united in struggle, is it possible to go beyond what we are today.


"When I aim my gun at an individual member of the ruling class, its barrel is a finger pointing towards eternity."

"Contrary to orthodox opinion, be it situationist or conservative, it is quantitative - not qualitative - problems that lie at the root of the current crisis."

"We have grounded our movement in the politics of envy because the resultant anger strengthens the will. It is hatred that fills working class minds with thoughts of bloody revolution and gives us the energy to shoot, stab, strangle, bludgeon and burn our enemies. In death we shall be undivided. When the old order dies, the earth will become the communal property of the living. Our only task is that of burying the undead of the capitalist class and with them centuries of exploitation. We will use a randomly applied terror to transform the existing set of social relations beyond any semblance of recognition. Panic and terror will play a major role in the struggle. They add a much needed aesthetic element to our fight, and assist the comrades in appreciating the terrible beauty of the class war. Only those who've fought and died for disorder, will die with a happy heart."

All quotes extracted from Red London by Stewart Home (AK Press, Edinburgh 1994). Note: This is a work of fiction that is critical of anarchism!


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