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3: A.M. Eternal (Charles Manson, KLF, bootlegs)
Adventures In Independent Mind Control (and it is safe to do at home)
Alex Trocchi's State of Revolt (Arts Lab event with William Burroughs etc.)
Carlos The Jackal (on terrorism and the state)
Christine Keeler Affair (film review)
Click This? MySpace & the Pornography of Corporately Controlled Virtual Life
Dangerous Seductress (directed by "John Miller" aka H. Tjut Jalil)
Desire In Ruins (iconoclasm not the exhibition)
Eleven Theses on Alchemy
(the real basis of avant-gardism)
Empty Grave of Kurt Schwitters (psychogeography & anti-art)
Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky (neo-surrealist sleaze cinema)
Henry Flynt (Home interviews advocate of cognitive nihilism)
Holborn Working (occult secrets of the avant-garde)
House of 9 Squares (Home & Cramer debate the occult basis of Neoism)
I Drink Your Blood (David Durston movie from 1971)
Introduction to Green Apocalypse (by Richard Essex)
Jazz Clubs, Drugs and Proto-Mods (Terry Taylor’s seminal London youth culture novel Baron’s Court, All Change)
Karen Eliot (short entry on a multiple name identity)
Lessons From History: The Staufeenberg File (by Richard Essex)
Marx, Christ & Satan United In Struggle (campaign for 'real' Satanism)
Multiple Names (short entry)
Neoism As Negation & The Negation Of Neoism (into the void)
On The Death Of Julia Callan-Thompson
On The Mind Invaders Anthology (AAA, LPA, Decadent Action & others)
On The Necrocard (anyone for sex after death?)
Our Tactics Against Stockhausen (occult rite against elitist music)
Pocket Essentials Psychogeography by Merlin Coverley (book review)
Pornographic Coding (lecture text by Home & Cramer), pdf 370kb
Psychedelic Art & 1960s London Drug Culture
Re:Action (newsletter of the Neoist Alliance various issues)
Real Dharma Bums (on Julia Callan-Thompson & Bruno de Galzain)
Sleaze Cinema: 10 short reviews of classic slabs of trash
Sleaze Cinema II: 10 more reviews of classic slabs of trash
Sleaze Cinema III: 10 more reviews of classic slabs of trash
Sleaze Cinema IV: 10 more reviews of classic slabs of trash
Tarot of Photography: Is Necromancy Dead?
Time Is, Time Was, Time Shall be No More! (afterwards escape from space)
Weird World Of LSD (film review)

Mind Invaders by Stewart Home cover

69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess by Stewart Home coverCome Before Christ & Murder Love by Stewart Home cover

Whips & Furs by Jesus H. Christ (AKA Stewart Home) book cover