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3: A.M. Eternal (Charles Manson, KLF, bootlegs)
Ambient/Anti-Ambient (sleeve notes to Stewart Home CD)
Art Attacks Interview
Breaking Glass ('punk' movie from 1980)
Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory & Punk Rock (Book)
Doctorin' Our Culture (KLF & Rachel Whiteread)
DSC-GB (history of Home's abortive hardcore techno act)
Digital Affray (Home's own account of his adventures in techno)
Gorilla Stomp (on power pop)
Jimmy Edwards interview (Neat Change, Masterswtich, Time UK etc.)
Jubilee ('punk' film with Adam Ant, Wayne County etc.)
Journey to the Far Side of Solipsism (punk rock)
Our Tactics Against Stockhausen (protest against Ian Stuart & elitist music)
Punk Rock, So What? (book review)
Pub Rock (the stuff of which cults aren't made - yet!)
Skrewdriver (Nazi punks fuck off!)
Sound of Sadism: Whitehouse & the 'New' 'British' Art (post-aesthetic fascism)
Stewart Home Comes In Your Face (punk rock CD sleeve notes)
There's No Success Like Failure... (Jimmy Cauty & The KLF)
Tina V. Aretha (back to sixties soul)
Tony Wakeford & Sol Invictus (from neo-nazi to neo-folkie and back again)
Tony Wakeford & Sol Invictus Again (yet more on this fascist creep)
We Mean It Man: Punk Rock and Anti-Racism or, Death In June not mysterious (from punk 'anit-racism' to post-industrial 'aesthetic' fascism)

Some examples of Stewart Home's 'music' can be found in the audio section of this site.

ad for Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie

Cranked Up Really High by Stewart Home cover

Art Attacks I Am A Dalek cover

Stewart Home Comes In Your Face CD cover