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Stewart Home Comes In Your Face
Stewart Home - guitar, vocals.
Gondi - bass, backing vocals, extra guitar on tracks 1,7 & 12.
Elias Lonnnrot - drums, backing vocals.
Recorded at Toe-Rag Studios, London 17/11/96. Mixed at Toe-Rag Studios, London 27/11/96. Produced by Ed Dougan, Stewart Home, Gondi and Elias Liinnrot.

These songs were written between 1979 and 1986, they were 'originally' performed by various groups put together by Stewart Home. Some of the lyrics appeared disguised as the work of the almost fictional punk band Alienation in Home s first novel Pure Mania. (Polygon, Edinburgh 1989). Unfortunately, no decent quality contemporary tapes of the tunes have survived, so they've been re-recorded. Arsehole is about John J. Clarke who still runs the History Of Ideas department at Kingston University and is responsible for tosh such as Oriental Enlightenment (Routledge, London 1997); the chord sequence dates from 1980, the lyric from 1984 and the final arrangement from 1985 - the date 1984 in the lyric has been updated to 1997. The complete lyrics and all recordings of the 'original' Towards A Gay Communism dating from 1985 have been lost and the song is reconstructed with the addition of words and chord sequences from two different numbers written in 1982 and 1985 respectively, plus additional material from a short story by Stewart Home. The lyrics to Necrophile were written in 1979 but there are no extant recordings of the song and the chord sequence comes from a different tune written at the same time. 13 O'Clock was written in 1980 and was 'originally' performed with a guitar solo which has been omitted on the grounds that solos are boring. The lyrics to My Baby's Got Syphilis were written in 1982 but the original tune was scrapped in 1985 and the chord sequence featured here adopted at that time, the second line of the first verse was modified during this recording. Storm The Yuppie Homes dates from 1982 but the 'original' words were discarded in 1986 when the lyrics featured here were compiled. All the other tunes were written and arranged in the 1985/6 period when Stewart Home formed the band Le Pissoir with John Flush and Dolly Zippy. Home wrote many other songs between the ages of seventeen and twenty-four but unless he is offered substantial amounts of cash, it is unlikely that many more of them will be re-recorded. An analysis of the dialectics of punk by Stewart Home can be found in his book Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory & Punk Rock (Codex, Hove 1995).

Dolphins PunkRockDrunk Live
Mono - vocals/guitar.
The Ledge - guitar.
Satan - bass.
Barry - drums.

All songs written by The Dolphins. Recorded live at I Klubi, Tampere 21/6/95, part of the Stewart Home/Dolphins mini-tour of Finland. Studio recordings by the Dolphins can be found on the band's four seven inch vinyl releases issued by the Helsinki based Diesel Records during the early nineteen-nineties, the Diesel Records compilation EP We Love You (1993) and the CD compilation Apocalypse (Harper Records, Helsinki 1995). As well as the Tampere gig immortalised here from a mixing desk tape, the Finnish mini-tour also took in Lahti (Stewart Home only) and Turku, concluding on 22/6/95 with a now legendary show at the Semifinal Club in Helsinki. During the Semifinal gig, the Icelandic cybersex novelist Vigdis Grimsdottir got completely inebriated and attempted to seduce Stewart Home both on and off stage. Home had already scandalised the Finnish press where it was incorrectly reported that he'd started a fight with another writer while reading at the Mukkula literary festival in Lahti. Grimsdottir seemed to think that her antics would help a Finnish translation of her sex novel My Name Is Isbjork ride up the bestseller list - either that, or she'd convinced herself Home was tiring of nubile teenage fans and would prefer the company of an older woman. In Finland, The Dolphins are notorious for their heavy drinking and a review of the Semifinal gig in the rock paper Rumba described Grimsdottir as being more drunk than all four members of the band put together! Having got themselves well tanked up, The Dolphins were on top form. No one would have guessed from their frenetic performance that this would be the band's penultimate gig. Three years on Mono is working with Barry in a band called The Fukits, while Satan pursues his literary interests. As for The Ledge and Grimsdottir, they maintain their penchant for booze ...

Stewart Home Pre-Come

The radio phone-in was broadcast live on Brighton Festival Radio 12/5/93. Home is talking to the actor Graham Duff who fronted a show of weirdness under the name Doctor Devlin Devlin. Duff had encountered Home in the street and after being handed a Boycott Stockhausen leaflet asked him to call the show at a pre-arranged time, the conversation is spontaneous. The demonstration went ahead on 15/5/93 and was a great success - for an account of it see' Our Tactics Against Stockhausen' in Home's book Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis (AK Press, Edinburgh and San Francisco 1995). Home recorded Yantoh on a four-track machine in Hampton one sunny summer afternoon in 1984. He'd gone to record a backing track for a performance piece and had a bit of time left over, so he wrote this ditty about the Neoist Wonder Dog on the spot. Yantoh may be Welsh for 'old boy' or might mean something very rude indeed ~ Home isn't letting on. The use of digital delay on the vocals is completely overdone, Home had never had the opportunity to play with this effect before and better songs have been ruined by self indulgence of this type.

Colours 180 Degrees Of Hell Live

Stewart Home - bass.
Geoffrey Reginald Thompson - vocals.
W. E. B. Du Bois - guitar.
J. V. Stalin - drums.

Recorded live at Woodham Church Hall, Surrey 9/5/81. From a mixing desk tape. Both songs written by Stewart Home. After Home's ska band The Molotovs fell apart towards the end of 1979, this group started up as a Stooges rip-off - their early set included covers of 1 Wanna Be Your Dog, Louie Louie and Gloria. By 1981 things had gone horribly wrong because Home was dropping acid and suffering from a lamentable interest in experimental fiction. He also gave in to the urge to explore nonstandard rhythms. It took Home two months to teach the rest of the band to play Dislocation Dance, since they weren't on drugs they much preferred 4/4 time. Incidentally, this group took their name from F. D. Reeve's 1973 novel White Colours, a piece of speculative fiction that opens with a passage from Newton concerning the refraction of light. Moving on, Home was simultaneously achieving a rawer 'indie' sound by playing guitar with the Basic Essentials. Home's next band who used a variety of names including The Screaming Peasants and Slaves Of Freedom formed in 1982. This group's bizarre mix of punk rock and free form experimentation led to a lot of line-up changes, as well as support slots with everyone from anarcho-rebels Conflict to Death In June (former members of the Trotskyist punk band Crisis). In 1985 Home's punk rock roots fully reasserted themselves and he spent the next five years pissing off the art world by playing the superdumb three chord thud featured on this CD whenever he had a gallery opening. After ten years of sporadic gigging, Home stopped playing in rock bands in 1989, he was twenty­seven years old.

Sleeve notes by Jussi Ahokas - 1995 solstice tour organiser and translator of Home's entire corpus of fiction into Finnish. Photo credits: Front cover shot of Stewart Home by David Sanford. Studio portrait of The Dolphins by anonymous. Back cover shot of Stewart Home by Marcel Leilenhof.

UK Distribution was through through Overground, the CD is now deleted.

Track Listing

Stewart Home Comes In Your Face

01. Smash The Individual
02. Necrophile
03. Kill
04. Seduced & Abandoned
05. Join The Angry Side
06. 13 O'Clock
07. Arsehole
08. My Baby's Got Syphilus
09. Storm The Yuppie Homes
10. Towards A Cay Communism
11. Destroy The Family
12. Slaughterhouse Of Love

Dophins PunkRockDrunk Live

13. What's This Shit Called Rock 'N' Roll?
14. Bored On Arrival
15. Mr. Politician Man
16. My Little Death
17. The Boy Looked At Johnny
18. Get Up & Go
19. Career Day
20. J.A.F.S. (JustAnotherFuckingSong)
21. The Truth
22. PunkRockDrunk
23. Suburban Hell (encore)
24. Lenny Bruce (encore)

Bonus Tracks

Stewart Home Pre-Come

25, Boycott Stockhausen Radio Phone-In
26. Yantoh

Colours 180 Degrees Of Hell Live

27. Deviant Watchmakers
28. Dislocation Dance. There are also 'hidden' songs on this track which appear after a period of silence.

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