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STEWART HOME - CYBER-SADISM LIVE! CD Sabotage Editions, Catalogue number HNTSAB 002.

This spoken word CD features highlights from four different live performances by novelist and arch wind-up merchant Stewart Home. The performances were chosen for their content rather than the quality of the recording. While most material is in stereo, two tracks are mono recordings. As well as readings and stand up routines, there is a cyber version of the story The True Blue Confessions Of Larry O'Hara, Spookbuster! which was created especially for this CD. Also included are guest appearances by Jimmy Cauty, Douglas Rushkoff and Pete Horobin. For full track listing see inlay card. Running time 58 minutes and 51 seconds (approx.)

Thanks to Jason Skeet and Colin Woodcock. This CD is dedicated to Shampoo from London, Nylon Beat from Helsinki and Mono Fans from Tallinn. Front cover photo of Stewart Home by Marc Atkins.

Track Listing

Live at Do Tongues. Brighton 28/6/95.

01. Introduction.
02. From Red London.
03. Blame It On The Normans.
04. All Power To The Druid Councils.
05. Is The Queen An Alien?
06. From New Britain.
07. Are There Any Feminists Here Tonight?
08. From Girl Power.
09. From Frenzy Of The Flesh.
10. Banter With The Bar Maid.

Live at the ICA. London 28/8/97.

11. William Burroughs In Hell.
12. Cheap Night Out.
13. Saul Bellow Is Senile.
14. From Slow Death.
15. Anarchism Is Stupid.
16. From Come Before Christ & Murder Love.
17. Cyber "guru" Douglas Rushkoff responds to Home's performance.

Live at the Tate Gallery. Liverpool 25/5/95.

18. Audience baiting (edited lowlights from banter between readings).

Live at the Bridewell Theatre. London 15/7/94.

19. A Fiery Flying Roll from Defiant Pose.

Cyber Recordings.

20. The Poet. (recorded 1996).
21. The True Blue Confessions Of Larry O'Hara, Spookbuster! (This story features a computer simulation of O'Hara's voice. The track is panned, the first half of the story running through the right channel, the second part through the left. To listen to the piece sequentially, adjust the balance control on your stereo system to hear the first half, then return to the beginning and re-tune for the second part. To savour the true craziness of a deranged stalker with a penchant for hiding in a pub doorways to spy on Stewart Home, simply leave the balance on a normal setting).


22. Stewart Home and Pete Horobin "Monty Cantsin" (recorded in Dysart circa 1984).
23. Stewart Home and Jimmy Cauty "Sonic Chat" (recorded at the Lantern Inn, Ashburton 29/7/96).

UK Distribution was through through Overground, the CD is now deleted.

You can download selected tracks from this album from our audio section (in both OGG and MP3) or click on the links above to hear a more limited selection of pieces.

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