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If the anarchist movement wants me as part of it then it should not support Green Anarchist and those involved in its production.

Do you think the last issue of Green Anarchist helps or hinders the building of the sort of revolutionary movement we want to see?

Please do read GA. Don't support GA.

Supporting GA can only encourage them to get worse. If what GA advocate comes to pass then it will be blood on the hands of all those that supported them.

If you have signed the GANDALF solidarity pledge then I hope you will unsign it, to save you being dragged down with GA.

Some say we should support GA because we'll be next. I say if we do support GA then we will be next. Robin Webb spent 6 months in prison on remand based on the same evidence that they hoped to get him on in GANDALF trial, but very few anarchist papers asked their readers to write to him, yet did so with Steve Booth. Some say we must support GA to defend freedom of speech but did the anarchist movement bat an eyelid when the editor of Angling Times was up in court for incitment to kill Cormorants. I believe most anarchists are supporting GA because GA call themselves anarchists and so assume they are part of the same movement. Well are they?

To contact me, Space Bunny, via the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh on +44 131 557 6242 and leave a return number.

This is the text of the leaflet Space Bunny circulated after ACE recieved the letter from the editor of Green Anarchist attacking ACE's refusal to host the GAndALF tour. Green Anarchist have critised this leaflet for it being insubstantial, I agree, so I prepared a more in depth text; see here.


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