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This was sent to London Greenpeace/ London Gandalf Defendents Support Campaign and we got a reply, here are some extracts, and responses.

Kirsty of London Greenpeace/ London Gandalf support campaign said: "You have made some serious allegations about Green Anarchist but they are not supported by particularly challenging ideas, which to my mind undermines your credibility somewhat. It is now obvious that a number oF rumours are being spread against Green Anarchist and I am wondering why the people behind it won't give their real names, take responsibility for what they are saying, and start a debate on the subject.

LB said: Like publishing Green Apocalypse???

K said: I would like to comment on your e-mail. I have been co-ordinating the London Gandalf Support Campaign since January and I can assure you that we have received a lot of support from non-anarchist groups and individuals. Whatever you might think, the Gandalf Support Campaign IS about freedom of speech. And how else will the radical movement divulge its ideas and involve other people if its voice is suppressed? I believe it is necessary to make a distinction between GA and whatever is not to your taste in the magazine, and the Gandalf Support Campaign.

LB said: It's not that Sarin gas is not to my taste - it's lethal?

K said: I think it irresponsible of you to send e-mails round urging people to 'un-sign' the solidarity pledge. And unfair, too. Has it occurred to you that maybe some of Steve's co-defendants disagree with some of his ideas? what about them? Noel is a pacifist for goodness' sake!

Space Bunny says: He has proved this by putting up with Paul Rogers. But if one follows your argument, then one would have to NOT support Noel and Saxon because of what STEVE wrote in an article in GA.

LB and Space say: It is the Gandalf campaign that places them all together, not those criticising GA. The debate over whether what Steve or anyone else who writes in GA is right or wrong or irresponsible is something we can and should have amongst ourselves as anarchists.

LB says: This might make sense if Steve Booth only wants to murder his fellow anarchists. But he doesn't. Indeed he sees anarchists as some sort of elite who can go around promoting mass murder of members of the public and then expect everyone to rally to his defense.

K said: We should not let our support for such a vital campaign

LB says: There is no proposed death penalty for GA , is there?

K said: Otherwise, aren't we being a bit hypocritical when we condemn the state and anyone else who seeks to suppress free speech - if we ourselves shun fellow anarchists simply because we disagree with them?

K said: Finally, one last thing. If you choose not to support GA in this campaign against state censorship that's up to you. If you feel you don't want to take the risk of being raided, charged, imprisoned, that's up to you.

Space Bunny said: "Some say we should support GA because we'll be next. I say if we do support GA then we will be next."

LB said: I don't want to take the risk of being gassed on the tube thank you very much!!!

K said: But, with respect, that's YOUR problem. There are people all over the world who take risks for what they believe in, and personally I believe that it is BECAUSE they stand up for justice, freedom and liberation that they earn our respect and draw people into the radical movement.

LB says: But Steve Booth is covering up for neo-nazis and proposing the assassination of members of the public. Where's the justice, freedom and liberation in that????

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