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15/4/84 Dorking, England.
Dear Neoist Persons, I am a young person whose interest was very much captured by the photo and short piece about APT 8 in the latest issue of Performance magazine. Could you please zap me back some info. in the SAE I've enclosed. As Above So Below, Monty Cantsin.

17/4/84 London, England.
Monty Cantsin, We Neoists are deeply involved with vegetables and chapatis. The only concrete data on APT 8 is enclosed. I suggest you come here at 20.00 hours this Saturday evening for a live exchange. You can meet us and discuss your future participation. Cantsin and Cantsin.

16/5/84 Immortality Center, Mexico.
Hmm, Cantsin, friends call you Monty. I have lots of material on Monty Cantsin since I made up the name and sent it on a postcard to Cantsin. I'm doing hmm, this filing project where I put all my correspondence material in these correspondence novels. So now Cantsin is in Monty Cantsin's Cell system. An emerging novel. So I'll put you in with Monty Cantsin RAF VEC and you can be Monty Cantsin in that book if you want. Monty Cantsin.

11/6/84 Winnipeg, Canada.
Dearest friend, I arrived here yesterday, it's a Neoist city with the red river and the golden boy atop the dome of the Manitoba legislative building. Your immortal friend, Cantsin.

15/6/84 Regina, Canada.
Dearest friend, Monty Cantsin was living in this prairie city for ten years. He came to Budapest from Regina in 1976. Indians here are fat and alcoholists. I drew some blood for them last night. United Cells of Neoism, Cantsin.

18/6/84 Calgary, Canada.
Dearest conspirator, I am getting closer to the Athabasca glacier and ready for the meeting with Monty Cantsin. Your immortal friend, Cantsin.

22/6/84 Calgary, Canada.
Dearest friend, I met Monty Cantsin on the Athabasca glazier. He drew my blood and he turned into gold. I took his gold bust. It looks like me. My mission is accomplished. Your immortal friend, Cantsin.

23/6/84 Immortality Center, Mexico.
Hmm, Monty Cantsin, I am Monty Cantsin. I have to tell you there is no problem, more like a project. OK. Who can say what the whole thing is. Monty Cantsin.

7/7/84 Neoist Embassy, Montreal, Canada.
Dear Monty, yes it was long but I did it, met Monty Cantsin. Now I get ready for new adventures. Bread expedition, ah? And what about bread ballet? Your immortal friend, Monty Cantsin.

26/7/84 Data Cell, Dysart, Scotland.
Monty, pram goes on the road Saturday 28/7/84. Please deliver enclosed envelope to Monty Cantsin. Travel broadens the myth. See you in Lumsden. Monty.

August 84 Crater Bal Tim Ore, USA.
Dear Monty, thanks for the cell stamp. Info., my depression deepens, much thought of suicide, no money, my correspondence declines. More later if I live. Monty Cantsin.

6/8/84 Berlin, Germany.
Dear Mr. Cantsin. Monty Cantsin. Smiling Monty Cantsin. &c. I'm Monty Cantsin. I have a fine correspondence with Monty Cantsin since awhile (but short in relation to my use of mail art since five years). I saw your name mentioned on his papers sent to me occasionally and I already knew the outline of the Monty Cantsin image since awhile. From Monty Cantsin publication too I heard of Neoist sometimes. So let me say that if it is possible I want to speak with the author of the images - Cantsin, if I get it all together in the right way. And in the sense that I would like to use your personal name. Your surname that I don't know. I hope there is nothing hurting in this reflection for you. Maybe it's your concept to work with this. Monty Cantsin.

9/8/84 Neoist Embassy, Montreal, Canada.
Dear Cantsin, I'm the black light in the pure white colours and my blood keeps flowing, flowing. It was nice to see you and talk about revolution. I want to die in the tv. Your immortal friend, Cantsin.

6/9/84 Neoist Embassy, Montreal, Canada.
Dear Cantsin, every five minutes we need a new solution, we are alive and do our best for total freedom. Get ready for the next six years. Oh yes, in the blue endless skies a flaming iron flies. The record is out very soon. Mass Media. Every five minutes we need a new robot and more more more. More Monty Cantsin and Six Finger Club and more Smile. More more more. Every five minutes we must eat a brain. Your immortal friend, Monty

September 84 San Antonio, Texas.
Dear Monty, or Cantsin if you prefer. Monty (or maybe he's not calling himself that now?!). I remember once in Portland Oregon he went around for several days calling himself Christ and going toot toot but this turned out to be the botulism he'd contracted from Cantsin's clams casino surprise which surprised all of us who'd eaten it. I myself went around for several days thinking my hair had turned white overnight when in reality it had all fallen out. Cantsin.

9/11/84 Beograd, Yugoslavia.
Dear Monty Cantsin or Christ or Son of God. OK, who are you, or are you who? If you're Monty Cantsin, you must remind our meeting at Monty Cantsin's home, later at my home. We did a performance video show at my home (Blood Is Gold). Next days I organised big mixed media programme and exhibition called World's Artists Family at the Beograd Cultural Centre Gallery. Best wishes, Monty Cantsin.

20/11/84 Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Dear Monty or Christ. Are you the same Monty Cantsin who came here to Eugene in 1979 and painted yer moustache red with poster paint and came to the big party we held and the FOAMLORDS, then a fledgling failure played? I don't think you are actually. I think that you're an impostor. Don't laugh, I know! I got pretty much to be Monty Cantsin for awhile there myself. Anyway, he was an OK kinda guy so I figure any Monty Cantsin is OK by me. The Monty Cantsin fellow was from Czechoslovakia or somewhere and watched me have sex with my girlfriend on the floor. Fortunately it was my girlfriend and my floor. Monty Cantsin.

24/11/84 Crater Baltimore, USA.
Monty, the concept of Monty Cantsin. Monty Cantsin is a name chosen/invented by Monty Cantsin to refer to an international star who can be anyone. The name is fixed, the people using it aren't. Monty Cantsin.

First published in Smile 7, London 1985.

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