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This site was established by Space Bunny in 1999 as one of the main expressions of his Stewart Home Society. Since he hadn't done much with it for several years, and I was considering my options for an official Stewart Home site, in 2006 we decided that I should take it over. Obviously what I inherited is rather different to what I'd have made from scratch (which isn't to say I don't appreciate what Space Bunny did, just that we are two different people with different approaches and interests). Pretty much all the 'original' pages have been remade, but on the whole they retain their content (except where for strategic reasons Space Bunny duplicated certain content across different pages). There has also been the addition of many new pages. In the early days of this site, Space Bunny put up many political texts from the 1990s by me or relating to me, and I felt this needed to be balanced with Neoist materials from the 1980s and after.

I plan at some point in the not too distant future to make many of my out of print books available in English through a print on demand service, and would use this site to direct those interested towards them. However I also plan to put as much non-fiction material up here as is possible (although those who want hard copies of - for example - "The Assault On Culture" or "Cranked Up Really High" will also hopefully find themselves in a position to obtain them in English through POD). It is unlikely I will place translations of my work on these pages, or put out POD editions of said translations. My new books continue to be published in regular rather than POD editions - for example, Snowbooks will issue the novel "Memphis Underground" in April 2007. And quite a number of my books remain in print with English language publishers (as well as in translations) - for example all five of my books issued by Serpent's Tail between 1996 and 1998 are at the time of writing still available from them.

The evolution of this site in part explains the way in which it now exists, and hopefully the passage of time will bring about its improvement and gradual expansion. I am grateful to the Live Art Development Agency who awarded me a "One To One" professional development grant at the end of 2005. Among other things this grant provided me with the money required to learn the digital skills I needed to re-make and take over this site.

Stewart Home, London October 2006.

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