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About The Situationist International (Ralph Rumney interview)
Again A Time Machine (Stewart Home White Columns retrospective 2011)
Anon (exhibition by Home & others at 33 Arts Centre, Luton, 1989)
(Stewart Home performance script)
Art Is Like Cancer: Roger Taylor talks to Stewart Home
Art of Chauvinism in Britain and France
Art of Ideology & the Ideology of Art
Art Strike Biennial
Art Strike Papers (Home & Others)
The Assault On Culture (book by Home)
Assessing The Art Strike (1993 lecture notes from V&A Museum)
Becoming (M)other (2004/05 exhibition by Home)
Bob & Roberta Smith Opening (with Martin Creed - London art world 2006)
Bridget Riley's Ass (review of "Ida Kar: Photographer 1908-1974" by Val Williams)
Chicks On Speed Don't (essay about the feminist art collective COS)
Claude Cahun (review of "Disavowals")
Desire In Ruins (1987 exhibition, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow)
Doctorin' Our Culture (KLF & Rachel Whiteread)
Empty Grave of Kurt Schwitters (psychogeography & anti-art)
Festival of Plagiarism (events organised by Home & others, text by Home)
From Arse to Arsehole (on critic John Roberts and 90s London art)
John Latham and drugs (Still & Chew reconsidered)
Jubilee (1970s Derek Jarman film)
Hallucination Generation (Stewart Home exhibition, Bristol 2006)
Hayward Party September 2006 (London art world snapshot)
High Art Lite: British Art in the 1990s by Julian Stallabrass (book review)
How I Discovered America by Stewart Home (psychogeographical photo essay)
Humanity In Ruins (Stewart Home one man show London 1988)
Image Has Cracked (photography of Chris Dorley Brown)
Karen Eliot
Letter to Art Monthly 8/10/96 (on David Burrows' review of Vermeer II)
Letter to Art Monthly 13/11/96 (on Terry Atkinson, Thomas Crow etc)
Level 2 Project (Stewart Home at Tate Modern, London)
London Art Tripping (psychogeography)
Market Forces (Stewart Home on his relationship with the art world)
Neoism (short entry)
Neoism (chapter on Neoism from Assault On Culture)
Neoist Correspondence Script (by various Monty Cantsins)
Neoist Manifestos
Notes On Four Stewart Home Anti-Films
On War: Robert Capa and Omer Fast at Barbican Gallery (2008-9)
Oxum: Goddess of Love (2007 abstract film by Stewart Home)
Paint It Black (Stewart Home provides an overview of his work)
Palingenesis of the Avant-Garde (on attempts to go 'beyond' 'art')
Pocket Essentials Psychogeography by Merlin Coverley (book review)
Pre-Neoism (from Assault On Culture)
Prostitution II: The "Return" of the "Male" "Gaze" (on appropriation piece)
Psychedelic Art & 1960s London Drug Culture
Psychogeography Of Zeros And Ones (Arts Council Commission)
Re:Action (newsletter of the Neoist Alliance various issues as pdfs)
Readymade Brought To Book (Stewart Home 2010 gallery work)
Re-Enter The Dragon (Stewart Home 2016 Glasgow International show)
Revenge of the Shamans (Andre Stitt's performance art)
Ruins of Glamour (1986 exhibition, Chisenhale Studios, London)
Saturday Nite In Shoreditch (snap shot of London art scene Sept. 2006)
Secretary of the Invisible (review of 2008 Marine Hugonnier show)
Space Soon (Arts Catalyst event at London Roundhouse Sept. 2006)
Super! Bierfront on Neoism (those crazy Neoists exposed at last!)
Tarot of Photography: Is Necromancy Dead?
The Age of Anti-Ageing (2014 exhbition by Stewart Home)
Thomas Hirschhorn's The Bridge 2000 (art & politics)
Tilt (Stewart Home solo show at Building F, London 2013)
To Transvalue Value: Vermeer II (on own exhibition & art 'restoration')
Vermeer II (another text by Home about his 1996 one person show)
What Is Violence? Why Curate? (contribution to ICA panel talk)

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