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Alexander Laurence
Interview with Stewart Home

Andy P of Fear & Loathing
Interview with Stewart Home

Autonomous Centre Edinburgh
Statement on Green Anarchist

Black Flag
Irrationalism (critique of Steve Booth of Green Anarchist)
Incitement (on fit-ups and political common sense)

Counter Information
Statement on Green Anarchist

David Burrows
Review of Stewart Home exhibition at workfortheeyetodo

Don Watson
No Pity (review of Home's collection of stories)

Ed Robinson
Stewart Home's London (academic paper on Home's early fiction)

Fabio Zucchella
Guerrilla Ontology
(Stewart Home interview)

Florian Cramer
House of Nine Squares (written with Stewart Home)
Pornographic Coding (lecture text with Stewart Home), pdf 370kb

Flux Magazine
Interview with Stewart Home

Former Lancaster Anti-Poll Tax Union Activist
Gasman Cometh (story drawing on inside knowledge of Steve Booth)

Revelations (story inspired by Larry O'Hara)
Nude Spookbuster (story inspired by Larry O'Hara)

James Marginalised
Interview with Stewart Home

Javier Montero
Interview with Stewart Home

John Davidson
Confusion Incorporated by Stewart Home review

John Eden
Anamorphosis by Stewart Home review
Correct Way To Boil Water by Stewart Home review
Easy Way To Falsify Your Credit Rating by Stewart Home review
Intelligent Person's Guide To Changing A Light Bulb by Stewart Home
Jean Baudrillard & The Psychogeography of Nudism by Stewart Home
Stone Circle "by" Stewart Home review

John Roberts
Home 'Truths'

Jussi Ahokas
Interview with Stewart Home
Stewart Home Comes In Your Face (CD sleeve notes)

Justin Gowers
Interview with Stewart Home

Kevin O'Neill
Does Aberdeen Exist? (essay about 69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess)

Marko Pyhtil
Interview with Stewart Home

Michel Comte
Interview with Stewart Home

Mikkel Bolt
Interview with Stewart Home

Monty Cantsin X 6
Manufacturing Dissent

Monty Cantsin X 9
Neoist Correspondence Script

Nik Houghton
Interview with Stewart Home

DSC-GB (history of Home's abortive hardcore techno act)

Osama bin Laden
The Islamic Millennium

Noel Molland
The GAandALF Trial
Statement onf GAandAlF Trial sent to SchNEWS

Riot Gibbon
Launch of Harry Potter and the Quantum Time Bomb 'By' Stewart Home

Rodrigo Nunes
Interview with Stewart Home

Simon Ford
Interview with Stewart Home

Simon Russell
12 Week in Portsmouth (on GAandALF trial)

Space Bunny
Don't Support 'Green Anarchist'
Debate about Don't Support leaflet (with others)
GAandALF Folly (critique of Green Anarchist)

Tone RF
Neoism, Plagiarism & Praxis by Stewart Home review

Unpopular Books (aka Blissett, Essex &Tompsett)
Green Anarchist Clutches At Straws (exposure of more lies)
Green Conartist (critique of Paul Rogers of Green Anarchist)
Green Parasite (critiques of Green Anarchist and ICC)
Into The Sewer With Green Anarchist (critique of anarcho-fascism)
Introduction to The Green Apocalypse
Lessons From History: The Stauffenberg File (from Green Apocalypse)
Militant Spasm (even Green Anarchist's friends are forced to criticise them)
On Anarchist Heretics (critique of so called 'left-right' synthesis)
One Green Anarchist, One Bullet (attacks Green Anarchist for racism)
Prigent-O'Hara: A tale of two shitheads (a hate that dare not speak...)
Probgoblin (critique of David Black & marxist humanist rag Hobgoblin)
Red Alert (on Green Anarchist & International Communist Current)
Sucked (on the decomposition of sad pro-situ hack Michel Prigent)
Plus a secret shs file which you'll have to find by means other than a link identifying it for what it is.

Contributors to the Art Strike Papers are not included here since those pages have a separate contents list.

Suspect Device edited by Stewart Home cover

Mind Invaders edited by Stewart Home cover

Whips & Furs by Jesus H. Christ edited by Stewart Home cover

The Isllamic Millennium by Osama bin Lader cover

Big Smile canvas by Istvan Kantor

Artist's Book by Stewart Home

Come Before Christ & Murder Love by Stewart Home coverCunt by Stewart Home cover

Tainted Love by Stewart Home69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess

Assault on Culture by Stewart Home coverRed London by Stewart Home cover

The Art Strike Papers coverNeoist Manifestos by Stewart Home cover